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Facts & Questions

Explore below for facts and answers to common questions.

When will I get my bonus?

You will receive your bonus once you've successfully wagered $5000 or more using our designated promo link. After meeting this requirement, we'll promptly express our appreciation by sending you a minimum of $5 as reward.

Can I get a bonus without wagering anything?

While we can't guarantee, we like to keep the excitement alive by occasionally surprising our referred users with special bonus rewards. Stay tuned for unexpected delights!

What is wagering?

Wagering is the process of placing bets where the result doesn't necessarily dictate whether you win or lose. It's more about the money you're willing to risk in anticipation of a specific outcome.

How do I ​participate?

Simply click on the ' Play Now ' button at the top, and you'll seamlessly access the Stake sign-up page. After creating your account there, remember to return to our website and share your username with us. This way, we can ensure you receive the benefits of our exclusive offer.